The March in the world


It is at Melbourne in Australia, that the bases of this movement of the Jesus March would’ve been started with the Festival of Light. About 7,000 people participated.


In London was organized, which will be considered the first Jesus March. In those days, the Christians, of different traditions went out on the streets together without taking into account their different practice and went to pray and worship God together.


The experience of London was followed by other Christians elsewhere in the world until the realization on June 25, 1994 of the First Global March for Jesus under the direction of the International Committee. In more than 170 nations, more than ten million Christians of different confessions marched and prayed together in the streets for their city.


Despite the success of the movement, on June 10th 2000 was the last global Jesus March. It was estimated of 180 countries participating and more than 60 million of people for the last global March.



The First Jesus March in Montreal was organized in 1992 in the same way of other march in Canada. Until the year 2000, the Jesus March was for the Christians of the great region of Montreal and in other cities in Canada, an important appointment.


The end of the international coordination in 2000 and the social context in Quebec, required un adjustment of the March in Montreal to continue to exist.

FROM 2011 TO 2014

Two organizations organized the March: The March for Jesus and the March Christian.
The Jesus March, continues as the March proper , but this one is considered as the coronation of the actions of collaboration made throughout the year between the Christian organizations no matter their denominations, traditions and specificities. The purpose of all this is to go from the intentional unity to an active and sustainable unity of the body of Christ in its diversity.

The challenge is big but with God
everything is possible !